CTOB Transport offers an interesting partnership for transporters. With regard to the transport of goods, there are many peripheral issues: the optimal planning of your vehicle(s), the creation of visitor codes, and of course the registration and invoicing of the work carried out.

These tasks will be fully taken care of by CTOB Transport.

  • Short payment term;
  • Your entire work week will be scheduled for you (Mon-Fri);
  • The invoicing is completely taken out of your hands;
  • Assignments are sent to you on time;
  • Trip computer and navigation system are provided for you;
  • Low communication costs;
  • Visits to terminals are scheduled for you in time;
  • Participate collectively in Code-95 courses at a competitive price;
  • You can also take advantage of purchasing benefits: by bundling purchasing power, there are ample benefits to be gained on insurance, tires, telephony, etc.;

In short: Transport without worries

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